Energy Management

Welcome to Krypton’s energy management services. We specialise in end-to-end services giving you peace of mind by ensuring you deal with one company to meet your energy needs. We simplify the process of saving you money by peeling away the many layers of complexity involved in maintaining long-term savings on energy bills. Our experts are experienced at offering clients the best energy management solutions with the greatest value for money and highest return on investment.


The cost of energy is a significant business overhead for both small and large companies alike. Saving money on energy bills can in many cases, have a significant impact on bottom line profits. Our customer focused energy procurement service provides a range of flexible gas and electricity purchase solutions for corporate and commercial clients. Krypton’s procurement specialists are experts in negotiating contract terms to ensure your business or organisation secures the best energy deal with the greatest value for money.


We have extensive experience in delivering high value energy management bureau services. Our consultants have a proven track record of successfully recovering large sum savings for clients from billing errors caused by administrative and processing oversights. We use data analysis techniques to minimise inaccuracies in utility bills ensuring you only pay for the energy you use. In addition to securing significant cost savings, our bureau service helps clients to achieve efficiency gains through client centred interventions that meet specific requirements.


With a wide range of reporting requirements and environmental schemes, navigating the compliance landscape can be difficult. Our team of consultants are field experts with extensive understanding of the various minutiae and variances in reporting requirements for the full range of energy and environmental schemes. We have provided hundreds of businesses across the UK, with bespoke consultation on matters of compliance. Our data analysts are specialists at identifying cost saving opportunities, ensuring that your business benefits from continued cost reduction.


Krypton is specialist in delivering a range of metering services to furnish business meter requirements for corporate and commercial energy use including, half hourly and non-half hourly meter operations, supply-point location, data collection and data aggregation. We are committed to ensuring that we provide effective solutions that utilise the latest technologies to fully achieve clients’ utility connection needs. We can provide a fully project managed service against all metering services working closely with you to deliver smooth and timely installation.


Given the significant cost of energy to company profits, keeping energy overheads as low as possible is key to maintaining healthy operating margins. Our data analysts are specialists at energy reduction analysis. Using cutting edge tools to carry out microscopic analysis of your usage data, we identify energy usage patterns ensuring you benefit from both a reduction in consumption and an accumulation of savings. Our optimisation service helps to achieve maximum value out of every unit of energy you use.

Water Management

Krypton’s water management service focusses on saving clients’ money, reducing consumption and decreasing the environmental impact of high carbon footprints. We offer clients the opportunity to save on utility costs whilst also protecting the environment by strategically reducing water consumption and CO2e. Our experts work with you to identify how your business can sustainably reduce water consumption. Krypton consultants have successfully helped businesses across the UK to identify significant cost savings through detailed analysis of water charges and usage needs.

Krypton FM Group holds a SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Status to provide, Key Holding, and Security Guarding...