How We Eliminate The Cockroaches And Protect Your Property

We will send a fully equipped pest technician to your place who will carefully inspect it to determine the scale of the infestation. Usually, a single visit is all it takes to put the situation under control. To apply the treatment, the specialist will place special bait gel near the cockroach hotspots. While this may not seem too threatening of a cockroach treatment method, rest assured that the gel is actually quite effective.

Here is how it works:

1- The nearest roaches are attracted by the product and eat from it.

2- They will return back to their hideout where they will soon perish.

3- Other roaches will eat the dead insects and spread the product further.

What You Get By Contacting Us For Your Roach Treatment

Each of the specialists at Krypton FM Group Services has received training for safe use of pesticides, and they will only utilise the more potent bait gel alternative as a last resort, in areas that are inaccessible to children or pets. By booking a cockroach treatment with us, you also get:

Equipped pest technicians - the equipment of each roach exterminator is supplied by leading pest control providers in the UK. Transparent prices - the final price for the service is fixed and doesn’t include any sneaky fees. Incognito treatments - the pest specialist will arrive with a discretely branded van to keep the treatment a secret. Free rescheduling option - if something came up, let us know 48 hours in advance to postpone your treatment for free. Urgent & same-day appointments - receive your cockroach treatment within mere hours if your property is in the M25 area. For properties outside of it, but still, in the area coverage, check on the phone if you can benefit from such a service.

What To Do Before And After Your Cockroach Control Treatment


Prior to your treatment you should:

Relocate your pets to another property (fish included); Hoover all cockroach-frequented areas.


When the exterminator is done, there are a few final things you should do:

Leave the premises for at least two hours to allow the insecticides to settle down; Upon your return, air out all treated rooms for about 5 to 10 minutes; Do not clean the treated areas within the next 4 days.

NOTE:These instructions are valid for spray treatments only and are not mandatory if the pest technician used bait gels for your treatment.

Krypton FM Group holds a SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Status to provide, Key Holding, and Security Guarding...